iMCA Server / Controller - Intelligent Monitoring Control and Automation Solution

Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Automation iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ is a modular, enterprise scalable, Internet of Things (IoT) oriented system that enables monitoring, control and automation of virtually all types of environments - residential, commercial, industrial and scientific.

This universal and cost-effective solution accessible equally to technology enthusiasts, early adopters, early majority consumers and experienced market niche players. It is automation protocol agnostic and operates on the wide range off-the-shelf hardware.

This system easily can be used for Monitoring, Control and Automation of homes, buildings, dwellings, laboratories, farms, medical facilities, respite houses, data centres etc., and it can be done from virtually anywhere via wired or wireless network be deployed indoor as well as in remote outdoor scenarios.

For home automation hobbyists, small business operators, technology enthusiasts, HVAC, SCADA, M2M integrators, security system installers and building facility managers iMCA Server™ provides powerful middleware integration framework capabilities with reach in options and universal user interface that can be used for reaching wide set business objectives and solving variety of automation integration problems while covering wide range of general electromechanical automation issues.

iMCA Data Sheet

Whether you are looking to complete a small DIY (Do-It-Yourself), BMS (Building Management System) or SCADA (Supervisory for Control And Data Acquisition) based project, enhance already installed but limited automation technology, or, create a full-scale integrated solution, the iMCA Controller™ is ideal for achieving your goals.

iKatron Solutions provision and deploy vast range of iMCA Server based solutions and seamlessly integrates them with the rest of your business's IT infrastructure!